Honey Bees

One of the most important things we can do as beekeepers and educators is to make sure everyone that comes to our farm knows that they have a role they can play to keep honey bees safe. We hope all children will learn to care for bees.

Bee Swarms

Learn how honey bees manage their community and what to do if you see a swarm near you.

Hive Jobs

Discover about each type of bee and how they make life inside the hive fascinating.

The Huge Role of Little Bees

Learn how honey bees impact our environment, ecosystem and our food.

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Learn how honey is made and collected.

What Bees Need

We can each help care for bees by learning how to keep our Honey Bees alive.

Explore these topics in a two-hour All About Bees program.

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Winter for honey bees is fraught with problems and keeping the hives warm is just one way we try to help keep them safe.

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We have limited dates available for our programs. Your first choice might already be taken. Please check our calendar prior to requesting a program. Programs involving animals or at our farm are presented in April, May, September, and October.

Programs are approximately two hours of educational time. Plan an additional 30 minutes if you are staying for lunch. Our picnic barn seats approximately 90 children.