NC SCS Science
1.01 Relate structural characteristics and behavior of a variety of animals to the environment in which they are typically found.
1.02 Determine animal behaviors and body structures that have specific growth and survival functions in a particular habitat.
1.03 Evaluate living and nonliving things that affect animal life:
  • Other animals
  • Plants
  • Climate
  • Water
  • Air
  • Location

 4.01 Assess the invention of tools and techniques to solve problems.
4.02 Observe the many tools that are based on designs found in nature.
4.03 Determine how people use simple machines to solve problems.
4.04 Evaluatethe attributes of simple machines that can be manipulated or combined to affect outcomes.

NC SCS Social Studies
1.01 Locate, in absolute and relative terms, major landforms, bodies of water and natural resources in North Carolina.
1.02 Describe and compare physical and cultural characteristics of the regions.
1.03 Suggest some influences that location has on life in North Carolina such as major cities, recreation areas, industry, and farms.
1.04 Evaluate ways the people of North Carolina used, modified, and adapted to the physical environment, past and present.
1.05 Assess human movement as it relates to the physical environment.

2.01 Locate and describe American Indians in North Carolina, past and present.
2.02 Trace the growth and development of immigration to North Carolina, over time from Europe, Asia, and Latin America.
2.03 Describe the similarities and differences among people of North Carolina, past and present.
2.04 Describe how different ethnic groups have influenced culture, customs and history of North Carolina.

3.01 Assess changes in ways of living over time and determine whether the changes are primarily political, economic, or social.
3.02 Identify people, symbols, events, and documents associated with North Carolina's history.
3.04 Compare and contrast ways in which people, goods, and ideas moved in the past with their movement today.
3.05 Describe the political and social history of colonial North Carolina and analyze its influence on the state today.

6.01 Explain the relationship between unlimited wants and limited resources.
6.02 Analyze the choices and opportunity cost involved in economic decisions.
6.03 Categorize the state's resources as natural, human, or capital.