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Kindergarten - 5th grade Tours

Plants and Animals 
Recommended for Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Available and enjoyable for any age child
  • visit a 100-year-old farmhouse, noting changes that have occurred over time such as the addition of water, electricity, bathrooms, and central heat
  • tour the vegetable garden
  • learn proper interaction while petting, and feeding domestic animals
  • see farm fields, observing changes
  • sing farm songs
Soils, Cycles and Seasons
Recommended for Second to Third Grade
Available and enjoyable for children older than 7
  • vocabulary focus on science terms for soil, cycles, and seasons
  • tour our 100-year-old farm, discovering life without indoor plumbing, electricity, or central heat
  • ages of plant development
  • pet, and feed animals, emphasizing their life cycles
  • walk through fields and woods making observations
Walk Back in Time
Recommended for Fourth to Fifth Grade
Not intended for children under 9
  • discuss past and present land use
  • journey through a 100-year-old farm, noting changes caused by the addition of indoor plumbing, electricity, and central heat
  • note changes in farm equipment, methods of haymaking, and animal care over time
  • blaze a trail through woods to find a home site for Colonial settlers
  • observe period hunting and survival skills, including loading and firing a flintlock rifle
  • at the river discuss Native American travel, work, and living areas
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