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Farm to Community & Preschool Tours

Meet the Animals

This program is ideally suited to meet the needs of Preschool Groups. We recommend this tour for Preschool aged children above a visit to the farm due to many factors including the length of the tour, our facilities and the attention span of the children involved. Please have an area large enough to hold a truck and trailer as well as an area for a small animal surround for this tour. A site visit may be required prior to us bringing our animals to you. Please let us know if you are unsure if your site will be large enough for our truck, trailer and animals.
  • Pre-school children work well with a thirty minute program and about 20 students at a time.
  • Animals that can be included on these tours will vary depending on the time and availability of the animals at the time of the tour. Animals may include: bees, rabbit, chicken, pig, goat, sheep, and burro.
  • All programs are customizable and we will do our best to fit the tour to the needs of the group. 
18th Century Demonstrations

Items for this tour will include selects from the following list.

  • everyday life on the frontier
  • meal and food examples
  • military life during the French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars
  • prominent historical figures of the period
  • children's games and toys, some made by the children
  • period weaponry of black powder rifles and muskets
  • weaving
  • sewing
  • modern figures of speech that came from the 18th century
  • learn English Country dancing

Jelly Bean & Friends

Jelly Bean the sheep from the book Jelly Bean Finds Her Special Place and her barnyard friends come to a visit at your location. We set up a petting surround for children to pet, feed and talk about the farm animals. We bring the book to share and have copies available for purchase.


50-100 individuals
1st hour = $150
Additional hour(s)
= $75 per hour

Contact info@woosleyfarm for discount rates