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Grass Fed Beef

Choice Cut Beef & Hamburger Available

Hamburger Prices
Orders of over 100 pounds       $5/lb.
51-100 pounds                         6/lb.
26-50 pounds                           7/lb.
1-25 pounds                             8/lb.
We have additional animals still on the hoof for choice cut requests.
Our polled Hereford cattle freely roam the fields and woods of the farm.  Fields are chemical free and animals are minimally medicated for their health.  Meat is FDA inspected and  tested for disease when  processed at M.  L.  Mitchell & Son in Walnut Cove, NC.  Meat is sold in bulk only. 
We try to use our one-year old cattle, since that meat is at prime tenderness and best taste. These are young animals that have not reached full size. Processing smaller animals means that filet minon and NY strip are probably not possible, and that T-bone steaks are a bit smaller but more tender. Most of the animals weigh about 300 pounds hanging weight, which is the weight used by Mitchell’s to charge for processing. The actual weight of the meat is about 50 pounds less due to loss of bone and some small amount of waste in cutting.
Butchering beef takes about a month for the order to be processed. The animal is brought out of the field to be grain fed for a few days before butchering. Grain feeding is to improve the taste of the meat, removing the "gamey" taste caused by grass feeding alone and can be skipped at the request of the buyer. Processing takes about two to two and half weeks. The remainder of the four weeks is taken up with transportation days and making final connections with the buyer.


Prices subject to change. Contact Woosley Farm for current costs.
$8.00 per pound for a whole cow
$8.50 per pound for a half cow
$9.00 per pound for a quarter cow
We do not ship beef. All orders have to be picked up.

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