Woosley Farm is a working polyculture farm in Western Forsyth County that provides hands-on, guided tours to children of all ages. Wayne Woosley has over 25-year experience giving Kindergarten tours. After Wayne and Riely retired from teaching they begain expanding their tours to all ages. What you'll see is where we live and where we work. Come to our farm; we would love to see you.

What We Do

Experience life in a different time, at a different pace: come to our place.
  • Tour a small family farm in the countryside of Forsyth County and learn about animals, plants, and the people that bring food to your table.
  • Take a walk back in time from the present to pre-history, stopping along the way for 1900’s food preservation and 18th century backwoods colonization.
  • Buy natural, grass-fed beef without the added growth hormones and antibiotics common today.

Our Expanding Experience

We are always looking for ways to make your visit to the farm more enjoyable. We recently added a New Barn that when finished will house our goats as well as historic farming tools, a milking parlor, and kitchen. Currently, this multi-use barn has a finished picnic shelter and event center. Come on out and experience Woosley Farm. 

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