Celebrate Your Birthday or Family Event at Woosley Farm!

Woosley Farm offers two easy options for Birthday Parties: a STANDARD PARTY PACKAGE and a TOUR PARTY PACKAGE.  Each package price includes admission for 25 individuals. Additional guests are $7 per person. The maximum number of guests allowed in the birthday party package is 70. 

Party times are flexible and individually arranged, including weekends.

To schedule a party, please fill out a Birthday Party Request online or email us at info@woosleyfarm.com for more information. We do very little scheduling by phone but please call if you are unable to access the internet or if you have questions. 336.945.2471

Standard Party Package: $175
2 hours on the farm with:
1 hour of seasonal farm related activities, which includes your choice of two Animal Options OR one History Option.
1 hour for you: set-up/clean-up, treats you provide, gifts, etc.

Tour Party Package: $250
3 hours on the farm with:
2 hour guided tour of plants and animals ending with a Hayride to the Yadkin River
OR two History options
1 hour for you: set-up/clean-up, treats you provide, gifts, etc.

Additional Information for all parties:
Any additional time for either set up or extended time on the farm comes with extra charges to meet insurance safety regulations for paying the employees to be available at all times visitors are on the property. 

$35 for an additional hour of set up or cleanup time. Any children present during this hour must stay with parents. We strongly suggest set up / cleanup time happen without children present for your convenience. 

A deposit of $50 is required to hold your reservation and will be returned the day of the event provided everything is cleaned up as found. The deposit serves toward damage fees if damages occur and cleaning if additional cleaning is required.

Full refunds available if notified at least five business days before the reserved date.

Weather issues: Should weather cause a problem the day of the party, rescheduling at no additional charge or full refund are options. Keep in mind that our new events barn is an excellent shelter in inclement weather. There's a photo of our new barn on the main page. We do not normally accept tours of the farm during the months of December through February.

Birthday Party Request

Woosley Farm is a working farm. 
No one is allowed to roam freely about the farm.

Animal Options

Baa Sheep - petting  and feeding sheep and learning focused around sheep

Buzzing Bees - tasting our honey and learning about why bees are an essential part of farming and the food you eat

Ma Goats - petting and feeding goats. Learning about why we keep goats on the farm and learning how to milk.

Squawk and Fuzz - petting chickens and rabbits and learning about small critters on the farm

History Options

18th Century Camp - with displays of open hearth cooking, fire starting, black powder muzzle loader demonstration and period dress

18th Century Toys and Gamesdisplays of over 40 period toys and games, 10-15 toy types available to play with, making toys option available for children old enough to tie a knot (extra charges apply to toy making)

18th Century Dance Instruction